We believe a relationship with Jesus changes everything. It changes us, our families, our occupations, and even the world. That’s because it’s only in a relationship with Jesus that we find HOPE: the confident expectation of a better tomorrow based on the character and promises of God. We’re a community of men, women, and students who have embraced the hope that Jesus offers, who live out that hope in our daily lives, and share that hope with a world that needs it now more than ever.

We are Alpine. And we’re growing hope one conversation at a time.


Royal Priesthood || Identity Crisis 

Speaker: Dave Mudd

Date: May 18-19, 2019

To whom have you given authority in your life? Are you listening to cultural icons or God’s High Priest, Jesus Christ? From the beginning, it has been God’s intention to raise up a kingdom of priests who have been made royal by their union with Jesus. And chief among their priestly duties is to act as witnesses of the true, living God.

Join us for Part Three of Alpine Chapel’s series, “Identity Crisis” and hear Lead Pastor Dave Mudd talk about what it means to be a royal priest, God’s image bearer, to a world in need of God’s marvelous light



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