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Cancer Diagnosis

By April 1, 20205 Comments

Cindy Penar is asking for prayer. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her treatment schedule is being hindered some by COVID-19 regulations. Please pray that she can get tests, procedures and results in a timely manner in order to begin the regime of chemo, surgery and then more chemo ASAP. Thank you.

Prayer requested by: Lisa Payne

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  • Brad says:

    Lord, you are the great physician. In Jesus name, I call on you to heal Cindy totally and completely of this cancer. I pray that she would be able to get the treatment she needs and in the proper time frame. Comfort Cindy through this, Lord.

  • Kathy says:

    Lord I pray for Cindy. Please provide all she needs at this time. Please encourage her heart and let her sense Your presence.

  • Roxanne says:

    Lord please help Cindy to see how you are setting the course to take care of what she needs despite the roadblocks that may be present during these times. I pray that she feel your presence and your protection while you guide her to the treatment that she needs.

  • Angela Beattie says:

    Lord, be with Cindy and her family during this difficult time, Let them be aware of your presence and love. I pray for healing for Cindy and her medical team to help her fight this Cancer. Give Cindy and her family hope in Jesus, Lord.

  • Anonymous says:

    My Lord, I pray for Lisa at this time. I pray that she has been able to receive the help needed for her cancer treatment. I pray my Father that any pain she may be having is reduced from your healing hand being upon her. I pray Lord, that she is so very aware you are with her, walking along side of her. Thank you my Lord that you are always with us, every moment of the day.

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