Life is better connected.
But connecting can be tough.

At Alpine, we’re making it easy with Connect Groups.

Connect Groups are small, short-term gatherings of people from Alpine who meet to connect around life and the latest message from Alpine.

Joining a Connect Group is simple!

If you have any questions, contact Alex Gowler.


Register for Alpine’s upcoming GroupLink Event (Sunday, February 24 from 5:00P-6:30P)

GroupLink is a 90-minute event where you can meet Alpine’s Connect Group Leaders, get a taste of what a group time looks like, and find a group that works for you. Food and childcare will be provided for GroupLink.

Pick a group that works for you.

At GroupLink, Group Leaders will let you know when and where they meet. You get to choose which group you want to join! Fill out the card at the end of the GroupLink event to join a group.

Start living connected!

Your group will meet six times in the coming weeks to talk about life and the latest message from Alpine. There’s no homework and no obligation to continue after the six weeks ends. But once you experience what it’s like to live connected, we don't think you'll want to live life any other way.