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entry level job

By April 20, 20202 Comments

A young woman in our church recently had to leave a job due to a safety issue. As it was technically voluntary and reports to state are ongoing, she doesn’t qualify for unemployment benefits at this time. She is a college graduate open to any opportunity, but is especially skilled in clerical work, youth/elderly care, and also baking and painting.

Need request by: Eric Schaefges

If you are able to fulfill this need, please email Donna Riemer at [email protected]. Please also feel free to leave some encouragement below.

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  • Melody Mueller says:

    I pray that this young woman is kept safe and healthy. That she will be blessed with an opportunity that she is suited for and it will fulfill her needs. I pray over her for protection and well being. I pray she leans in to Jesus during this time for strength and courage. He will hold her in HIs arms and give her all that she needs.

  • Lisa P says:

    Any update, Eric?
    Praying she has found a good job

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