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Friend in great distress

By April 23, 20202 Comments

Would you please pray for Cheryl? Cheryl needs to know Jesus and has had a lot of tough times. Divorced. Had 2 heart attacks in the last 5 months. This morning she lost her job.
Thank you!

Prayer requested by: Angie Mooney

Please feel free to leave some encouragement below.

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  • Kathy says:

    Lord I pray for Cheryl. She needs encouragement and support at
    this time. Please bring people along who can remind her of who You are and how much You love her. Let
    her heart be excited for hope, give her a confident expectation for a better tomorrow even right now. . I pray all this in Jesus’s healing Name, Amen.

  • Stephanie Mattson says:

    I pray for your dear friend, Cheryl. She is suffering and needs your healing light and love, God. Thank you for blessing Cheryl with Angie. Give Angie the strength and peace and patience as she supports her friend through her struggles. Lord, help Cheryl’s heart to be heeled, give her good health, and as we know, sometimes it’s the darkest of times your light shines the brightest. It’s in your name I pray.

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