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Front line Covid ICU

By April 6, 20203 Comments

we pray for 1st line workers in Covid ICU as they are holding hands with those who are struggling to stay alive. Please give them strength and protection and use their presence to bring peace and salvation ( through prayer) to those in ICU

Prayer requested by: Misti Harmoing

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  • Kathy says:

    Lord I thank You for the many men and women who are working to help the sick. Please give them the supplies they need and bring them encouragement. I also pray that You would protect their bodies from this virus and let them not become weary.

  • Brad says:

    Lord, I pray for strength, encouragement, and protection for every front line worker in this crisis. For the doctors and nurses who are fighting this virus on the front lines. For grocery store employees who are working as fast as possible to keep shelves stocked. For the truckers who are working overtime to keep this country running. For the epidemiologists, virologists, scientists, and researchers who are working around the clock to find treatments and vaccines. I thank you for each and every one of them and pray your protection, love, and grace over them.

  • Marlene says:

    Father, protect all of the people who are putting their health at risk in order to help those with this virus. Bring them peace & encouragement at this time. Lord, please bring this virus to an end. May people come out of this understanding what is truly important in life.

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