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By April 15, 20207 Comments

Please help me pray for my dad. He’s in the ER now, running some tests (not covid related) He’s been in a lot of back pain (after a work injury) and that is causing weakness on his leg. He was suppose to have surgery yesterday and got postponed due to his white blood cell count too high. Also been experiencing abdomen pain for a few days now and we don’t know what’s causing that. With covid, everything from him not being able to be seen by his Doctor to my mom not being able to be by his side is giving me major anxiety. I have been feeling helpless. Please keep the Salazar family in prayers!

Prayer requested by: Liz Guerrero

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  • Roxanne says:

    Dear God, please look over this father and guide the path for him to get the treatment he needs, Help this family move closer to you and rest in comfort that you are at their side.

    • Liz Guerrero says:

      Thank you so much. Please keep him in your prayers, I was told today everything leans towards him having cancer.

  • Dawn Zeller says:

    My dear Lord, how beautiful is your name, Jesus. Your name is power and love. I humbly come to Lord and comfort Liz on this hour, that she knows she can hand over her anxiety. You have her in your arms Lord, may she know this, feel you. Your love for her is undescribable. May your healing hand be on her father, please heal him my Lord and give the doctor wisdom on how to be used by you. I praise you Father for the love you are pouring, praise you Father, praise you!

    • Liz Guerrero says:

      Thank you so much. I spoke to an Oncologist from Hospital earlier today who has been seeing my dad and he is saying everything points to my dad having cancer….still waiting on more test results Please continue to pray for my dad, and these results we are waiting on, for all signs that they have seen thus far to dissolve and we can see the hand of God. Also please keep me in your prayers so that God gives me strength and my faith and eyes can stay fixed on Jesus, and just guide me along the way, and give me wisdom when talking to the Doctors in knowing what questions to ask. I am the primary contact, so I feel a heavy load on my shoulders. I still haven’t really delivered the news to to my mom, but I know she’s a strong woman of faith, and I ask that you pray for her as well.

  • Brad says:

    Lord Jesus, I lift up Liz’s father to you. I pray that you would heal him completely, no matter the diagnosis. I pray for your peace in the midst of anxiety and fear. I pray for Liz, that you would give her your unshakeable strength and that her eyes would stay fixed on You, Jesus. I pray for Liz’s mother, that she would take the news well and her faith in you would be stronger than ever. Jesus, bless this family with peace, understanding, healing, and hope.

    • Kathy says:

      Lord I pray for the Salazar family. Please give all of them Your peace at this time. Please be with the doctors as they find the source of pain in Liz’s father. I also pray for healing and encouragement. Protect them and provide all that they need.

  • Marlene says:

    Dear Father, please guide the doctors to discover what is wrong with the father and quickly know what action to take. Please heal him completely.

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