House To House
June 28, 2020

Spirit Led Pt. 2

There are only two types of desires that we experience in life: those that come from the Holy Spirit and those that don't. When we follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit…
House To House
June 22, 2020

Fathered By God

The heart of God has always been to enjoy a relationship with us. It's why he seeks us out, draws us back, and pulls out all the stops to put…
House To House
June 14, 2020


The Holy Spirit isn't a tool or a technique that we leverage for our advantage. The Holy Spirit is a person that leads us to join God's mission of reconciliation.…
House To House
June 9, 2020


For too long, "accountability" in community has meant giving people a report on your bad behavior. This idea of accountability falls far short of what Jesus had in mind. Accountability…