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By March 31, 20202 Comments

I know of a women needing to rent a room until the end of April. She can only afford $200 a month. If you know of someone who can help please contact me [email protected]

Need request by: Donna Riemer

If you are able to fulfill this need, please email Donna Riemer at [email protected]. Please also feel free to leave some encouragement below.

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  • Melody Mueller says:

    I pray this woman is blessed with a place to live. I am praying she finds a place that provides what she needs and that she knows Jesus or comes to know Jesus and leans in during this time. I also pray for her health and safety. That the good Lord protects her during this time and guides her to His way. Amen.

  • Lisa P says:

    This is an old request and can be removed. Thank you.

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