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Marriage and Spiritual Leadership

By May 23, 20203 Comments

Please pray for me (husband) as I have not been the spiritual leader my family needs. Please pray that God renews my mind and desire for his word, removes earthly desires and worries, so that I can boldly lead them closer to Jesus. I’m scared of the current trajectory I am on and what that might mean for my family’s future.

Prayer requested by: anonymous anonymous

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  • Lisa P says:

    Lord, I thank you for this brothers vulnerability and ask that you would show him the next step he needs to take. In his humility may he put You first. Please lead and guide him to be the leader you have called him to and will equip him to be

  • Ken Toeller says:

    God, please bring godly men into this brother’s life to walk along side him as he leans into his relationships with you and his family. Give him courage and strength to be the man you have made him to be, and give him confidence that you will equip him to do the work you have already prepared for him to do.

  • Tom says:

    Dear Jesus, I thank you for my brother wiliness to be transparent. We thank you for giving him the courage to step out. Father God their are a lot of men like him who are struggles to do what we are called to do as sons of God, which is to lead our family and to create positive impact.

    Father help him to experience and be encourage by your Spirit that you put in him. Also that you would put it on the hearts of your kingdom family to come to like a random encounter and give him encouragement, but you would tell him that was me reaching to you my son.

    I pray also that you would be personal involved to to create encounters and experiences in his life that he can realize how much you love him.

    Help him to share his heart’s struggles with you like David did through the Psalms and ask for help.

    When he starts to truly know you and your love father, I know praise and glory to you name will begin to flow from his mouth. The word of God will be a refreshment to his soul, Spirit and mind, which will lead him into truth. Thank you father that you are patience and in time you will lead Him to conviction to take action. In Jesus name and His power that is in him to overcome the works of the enemy. Amen!

    Blessings to you!

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