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Alpine Marriage Ministry is excited to offer occasional Marriage Workshops on various relationship-focused topics.  These workshops are approximately 2-hour sessions (that meet one time) focused on providing tools to help enrich your marriage in many areas.

Sessions are led by couples in the Alpine Marriage Ministry and other Alpine leaders. Some of the topics may include improving communication, resolving conflict, developing shared missions, praying as a couple, increased intimacy, and finding the FUN in your marriage!  These workshops are open to both engaged and married couples in our community!

Upcoming Worksop

The Connected Marriage

Location: Alpine Chapel
Date: Saturday, October 19th
Time: 6:00-8:00 pm
Cost: $20 per couple


*CHILDCARE PROVIDED (deadline to register for childcare is Midnight on Sunday, October 13th)
IMPORTANT: A separate registration is required for childcare. Please watch your email for your registration confirmation for the link to childcare registration.

*DEADLINE TO REGISTER for the Workshop is Friday, October 18th.

About the Workshop

About the Speaker

We are very excited to welcome a guest speaker for this workshop.  Ken Gates is a longtime friend to many at Alpine Chapel.  He is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and has been in practice since 1991.  He specializes in individual, marriage and family counseling.

About the Workshop

“Oneness” is God’s design for marriage, but it is a difficult concept that few experience.  In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about God’s vision for marriage as well as identify their own.  We will examine and practice the habits that draw couples into meaningful connection and deeper intimacy.  As couples draw closer to one another they naturally begin to function as a unified whole – no longer pushing and pulling against each other but cooperating together to build a more comforting and secure relationship.  It is our desire that this workshop will equip and enable couples to begin this deeper journey of connection and to enjoy the marriages that God intended for us.

In this workshop there will be some general, large group discussion, but the majority of the workshop interaction will occur privately between the couple.

Read the FAQ’s for answers to common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the workshops?

Each workshop will be different based on the topic being presented.  But generally, this will be the format.

  • A single, two-hour workshop with childcare offered on a specific topic related to marriage
  • The two hours will be spent in a variety of ways, which MAY include any of the following:
    • Time of presentation by the leaders, during which they will share NOT from a level of professional expertise, but from personal experience and wisdom.
    • Prayer, both corporately as well as between couples
    • Small group discussion where you will dive deeper into the subject matter with a facilitator and some other couples. While everyone will be encouraged to participate, you will NOT be required to speak if you are not comfortable doing so. Discussion questions will not be to a level that would be considered too intimate or private.
    • Couple Interaction, during which time you as a couple will dive deeper into the subject matter on your own.
    • Exercises that build on the subject matter, either in a small group format or just between spouses.
  • You will leave with additional questions to ponder, exercises to practice, and an overview of your time together that you can review at a later date.
  • Beginning and end times will strictly be adhered to.
  • Coffee will be served.
  • If you have questions regarding the above or would like more specifics about a particular workshop, please email

Who is leading the workshops?

Each workshop will be led by couples involved in the Alpine Marriage Ministry, or other leaders at Alpine Chapel.  Occasionally we may have someone local come in from outside of Alpine.  When each workshop opens for registration, we will let you know who is leading.

Is childcare always provided?

It is our plan to offer childcare for each workshop.  There may, at times, be limits as to the number of children we can take, and the deadline for registering for childcare will always occur at least one week prior to the date of the workshop.  For that reason, we recommend registering for each workshop as soon as you can.  If you have questions about the childcare offering, email

My spouse/fiancé cannot come. Can I attend alone?

These workshops are meant for couples.  As there is frequent discussion and exercises meant to occur with your fiancé/spouse, it is not recommended that you attend alone.

My spouse/fiancé is not a believer. Is that ok and will he/she be comfortable?

Your spouse/fiancé is ABSOLUTELY welcome to attend!  Our workshops are biblically-based, so it would be a good idea to let your spouse know that. However, we believe the information shared in these workshops can be valuable for your marriage regardless. We will not knowingly do anything to cause a person to feel uncomfortable.  Although participants will be invited to participate in certain parts of the workshop, there is no forced sharing. We will do everything we can to make this experience valuable and comfortable for everyone!

Are these workshops only for marriages that are in trouble?

Absolutely not.  We welcome couples who are interested in growing their marriage from “good to great”! Whether you are engaged, newly married, a couple going into empty nest-hood, or anything in between – we want to help your marriage thrive.  Gary Chapman (Author of Sacred Marriage) says “you must commit to be a student of your spouse, always learning, always growing”.  These workshops help you do just that!

Will we have to share private things in front of a group of people?

No.  However, there might be group interaction.  Some workshops will break into small groups for discussion and exercises, in other workshops your time will be spent only with your spouse.  Each workshop will be different.  But you will never be forced to talk or share something you are uncomfortable sharing. If you have specific questions about the format of any one workshop, email

Why do the workshops cost money?

We make every effort to have any workshop cost as low as possible.  The cost associated with a workshop will vary depending on the handouts that are developed and printed.  Also, an outside speaker may occasionally charge a small fee.  Additionally, because we are committed to offering childcare at these workshops, as a nonprofit we cannot charge directly for childcare, which means we have to spread that cost amongst all participants at any one event.   We never want financial constraints to prevent you from attending a marriage event.  If this is an issue for you, please contact us at and inquire about scholarships available.



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