We were designed to live our lives knowing two things: who we are and why we matter. In other words, we were made to live with a deep sense of our identity. But that identity has to come from somewhere. Either we find it in a relationship with the One who designed us, or … we don’t find it at all.

Join Alpine Chapel for a five-part series looking at 1 Peter 2:9-10 and what it means to embrace and express the identity we have when we belong to God.

01. The Source of Identity

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: April 27-28, 2019

Two of the most important questions a person can ask in their life are “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Our answers to these two questions form our identity: that deep sense of self and worth that keeps us going when life gets crazy. But without a rock-solid foundation for our identity, we end of jumping from one thing to another trying to find something that will never fail us. What difference would it make if we stopped trying to find our identity and simply received it as followers of Jesus, created in God’s image?
Check out Part One of Alpine’s new series, “Identity Crisis”, and listen as Lead Pastor Dave Mudd introduces 1 Peter 2:9-10 and talks about the power and pitfalls of embracing our God-given identity in the midst of an identity-earning culture.

02. Chosen People

Speaker: Alex Gowler
Date: May 4-5, 2019

Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted something? It’s an experience we’ve all had and we all hate. And yet, so many people waste their time and energy trying to earn something that God has freely offered to give them in Jesus. In few places do we this play out more clearly than in what it means for us to be God’s chosen people.

Join Alpine for Part Two of “Identity Crisis” and hear Staff Pastor Alex Gowler talk about what it means to be God’s chosen people and dangers of being someone who’s just choosing where to waste their life.

03. Royal Priesthood

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: May 18-19, 2019

To whom have you given authority in your life? Are you listening to cultural icons or God’s High Priest, Jesus Christ? From the beginning, it has been God’s intention to raise up a kingdom of priests who have been made royal by their union with Jesus. And chief among their priestly duties is to act as witnesses of the true, living God.

Join us for Part Three of Alpine Chapel’s series, “Identity Crisis” and hear Lead Pastor Dave Mudd talk about what it means to be a royal priest, God’s image bearer, to a world in need of God’s marvelous light

04. Holy Nation

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: May 26-27, 2019

Becoming a follower of Jesus is more than just “turning over a new leaf”. It’s an entirely new way of life that’s lived from Jesus’ resurrection power inside of us. One of way talking about this move into our new life with Jesus is holiness: being set apart for a relationship with God and responsibility in His plan for the world. It’s as we embrace our holiness that we understand what it means to be a holy nation.

Check out Part Four of Alpine Chapel’s series, “Identity Crisis”, and listen as Lead Pastor Dave Mudd talks about what holiness is, what it isn’t, and how it impacts our minds, our hearts, and our wills.

05. God’s Own Possession

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: June 1-2, 2019

We live in a culture obsessed with independence. Our desire to belong to ourselves makes it hard for us to accept the reality that we belong to God. But what if belonging to God isn’t a bad thing at all? What if being one of God’s prized possessions is actually one of the best things that could happen to us?

Check out Part Five of Alpine Chapel’s series, “Identity Crisis”, and listen as Lead Pastor Dave Mudd unpacks what it means to be “God’s own possession” and what keeps us from letting this truth sink into our hearts.

06. Declaring God’s Praise

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: June 8-9, 2019

God gave us a new identity for a reason: so that we could show others the goodness of God. To live this kind of life, though, we need to understand what God’s goodness has saved us from. As our understanding of God’s mercy increases, so will our ability to declare his praises to a world that needs to hear them.

Join Alpine Chapel for Part Six of “Identity Crisis” and hear Lead Pastor Dave Mudd share about the purpose of our identity and what it means to declare God’s praise (rather than expecting God to declare our praise).