It’s the reason gym memberships skyrocket and self-help books fly off the shelves in January: we don’t want to settle for a “just OK” life. We all want something better for the physical, emotional, and vocational parts of our life but too often we settle for “just OK” in our spiritual life. Let’s make this year different. Join Alpine Chapel as we kick off the New Year and learn what it looks like to run after the full life that Jesus gives us when it comes to our identity, our joy, our courage, and our relationships.

01. The Better Identity 

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: January 6-7, 2019

What gets to define who you are? Your family? Your job? What society says you should be? Too often we give these things permission to define our identity. But an identity based on anything besides what God says about us is a lie. To understand embrace the life that Jesus came to give us, we have to open ourselves to what God says is true (about himself and about us).

Check out Part One of Alpine’s new series, “Just OK Is Not OK”, and listen as Lead Pastor Dave Mudd helps us understand what it looks like to live from a false identity that God never meant us to have and what it means to accept the truth of what God says about us through Jesus.

02. How’s Your Joy?

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: January 12-13, 2019

Happiness is a tricky thing. We plan and work and sacrifice to get our circumstances right, thinking that the right circumstances will make us happy. But eventually, our circumstances change and so does our happiness. Jesus came to offer us something better than temporary happiness. He came to offer us lasting joy. And the key to that joy is discovering how to delight in God.

Check out Part Two of Alpine’s series, “Just OK Is Not OK”, and listen as Lead Pastor Dave Mudd shares about the power of delighting in God to fill our days with the kind of joy that our changing circumstances just can’t change.

03. Take Courage

Speaker: Donna Riemer
Date: January 20, 2019

Courage is something we admire in others and aspire to in our own lives. What often happens, though, is that we let our stories and circumstances get the better of us and settle for something less than than the courage God wants to give us. So what does God-given courage look like and how do we start living out this courage that we’ve been missing for so long?

Join Alpine Chapel for Part Three of our series, “Just OK Is Not OK”, and listen as Staff Pastor Donna Reimer shares stories from Scripture and her own life that illustrate this incredible truth: God’s mercy meets us where our courage is.

04. Relationships That Remind

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: January 26-27, 2019

Social media, movies, and even our music is filled with a message we can all recite: “follow your heart”. The problem is that while our heart can tell us what we want, it can’t tell us how to live in a way that enjoys God and blesses others. For that, we need the teachings of Jesus and a community of other Jesus-followers who will come alongside us and help us not to “follow our hearts”, but to follow Jesus. That is what the best relationships in life are all about.

Check out Part Four of Alpine’s series, “Just OK is Not OK”, and hear Lead Pastor Dave Mudd share about the power of relationships that remind us of who God is, of who we are, and of what God has promised to those who love him.