Whether we know it or not, there are kingdoms at war for our allegiance. The kingdoms of culture, of vocation, of family and politics and possessions are all fighting for our attention against the one kingdom that is over everything: the Kingdom of God. This summer at Alpine, we’ll look at figures from God’s Word who found themselves in the thick of kingdom battles. Some were victorious. Others became victims. But each one was confronted with a choice: would they trade their identity to try and live in an alternate kingdom? Or would they choose God’s Kingdom over everything?

01. Kingdom Over Everything

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: June 22-23, 2019

What is the kingdom of God, and what does it look like to put the kingdom of God over everything else? Our dedication to kingdoms other than God’s produce unbearable loads of anxiety. Jesus has a message of redirection that addresses our worry and anxiety. In Matthew 6:25-34, he says that seeking first the kingdom of God is the cure to our worry. Take a closer look with us at Jesus’ message about His kingdom.

In the first message of our series, “Kingdom Over Everything,” hear Lead Pastor Dave Mudd introduce core concepts of the series such as: kingdom, the reign of God, the saving rule of God, and the already-not-yet dynamic of the kingdom of God.

02. Kingdom Over Culture

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: July 6-7, 2019

The pressure to fit into our culture creates opportunities for us to choose either compromise or faithfulness to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. These critical points of decision in our lives reveal our identities. The prophet Daniel helps us to better understand how to make decisions of faithfulness rather than decisions of compromise.

Pastor Dave Mudd continues the conversation in the second message in our series “kingdom over everything” by discussing cultural identity and how our need to fit into the culture drives the choice to compromise who God has called us to be.

03. Kingdom Over Work

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: July 13-14, 2019

Work life. Family life. Church life. Life. Jesus. We like to separate these parts of our lives to the point that they are disconnected from each other. Jesus’ rule and reign means that all of life, every part, belongs to Jesus. Our work is done under the rule of Jesus, even if we don’t acknowledge it. Our work is important, but how we work is paramount as people who represent the kingdom of God.

Join pastor Dave Mudd in the third message in our series “kingdom over everything” as he highlights how we can work in a way that builds up the kingdom of God and represents Jesus well to those who see our working.

04. Kingdom Over Religion

Speaker: Josh Blick
Date: July 27-28, 2019

What comes to mind when you think about religion or religious people? What comes to mind when you think about the people of the Kingdom of God? What is the difference between the two? Our willingness to condemn others as Christians does not work with how Jesus sees and loves people. In John 8:1-11, Jesus gives us a way to discern the difference between religious condemnation and the love of the kingdom of God.

Join staff pastor Josh Blick as he teaches the third installment in our series “kingdom over everything”, where he discusses how Jesus sees and loves people when we think He should condemn them.

05. Kingdom Over Circumstances

Speaker: Alex Gowler
Date: Aug 3-4, 2019

The book of Esther is set in the time of the exile, and the people of Israel faced the question of their survival daily. Their circumstances were such that they wondered if God was really working. We too ask the question about what God is doing in our life, if he is doing anything at all. How are we to ask the question, “God where are you, and what are you doing?”

Staff Pastor Alex Gowler discuses the two options we have when we ask the question of God’s presence, fear or faith. The question is not the problem, how we ask the question is what gets us into trouble. Check out the next installment of our series, “kingdom over everything” where we talk about how to ask the question, “God where are you and what are you doing?”

06. Staying in the Gospel

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: August 10-11, 2019

Jesus invites us into his kingdom – to live as we were created to live, fully dependent on and in relationship with him. But according to 1 John 2:17, we crave many things that are not of God. There is an enemy who wants to lure us away from God’s kingdom.

In the sixth installment of the series, “Kingdom Over Everything,” Pastor Dave Mudd shares three ways to remain in God’s kingdom and resist building the tiny, unsatisfying “nation of me.”

07. Kingdom Over Family

Speaker: Dave Mudd
Date: August 17-18, 2019

The family is foundational to society, and our culture tells us that we owe all of our allegiance to our family. Jesus created and loves the family, but He tells us that family is not everything. As believers we belong to a natural family and God’s family, which tests where our loyalties are. In scripture, Abraham understood the tension between the kingdom of God and his natural family when God asked Abraham to trust Him with his son Isaac. God has a calling for the family that puts the kingdom of God first.

In our last installment in our series, “kingdom over everything” hear Lead Pastor Dave Mudd discuss how Abraham decided to put the kingdom of God before the family, and discover how you can explore the unique calling that Jesus has for your family to live for the kingdom over the family.

08. Kingdom Over Finances

Speaker: Chris Brown
Date: September 1, 2019

There’s an area of our lives that touches nearly every decision that we make. It’s also one of the most talked-about subjects in Scripture: money. Because finances play such a significant role in our lives, it’s one of the most important areas we can bring under the rule of God in His Kingdom. When we do, we discover God’s blessing as we find ways to use God’s resources to bless others.
Join Alpine Chapel for a special message from Executive Pastor Chris Brown as he talks about the problem with our perspective when it comes to money, the freedom of gratitude, and the joy of generosity.