Mindy Kosiek // Ignite • Alpine Chapel

When I was approached last summer to help recreate and lead the midweek kid’s program for Alpine, I was excited and honored to take on the challenge. After months of planning and preparation with an incredible team of leaders and staff to create “Ignite”, I was feeling confident in the program being developed! As the weeks sped by leading up to our launch date, I was checking off lists, making calls, ordering supplies, and sending emails, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. This feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on, crept in and took hold of my heart, but I had no idea what more I could do to make the feeling go away!


The day before our first session, I was on a walk and the song “Enough” came on and spoke to my heart. In the middle of the walking path, I found myself in tears, crying and praying because I finally was able to name that “feeling”…it was the feeling that I wasn’t enough. I couldn’t do enough, say enough, or plan enough to make Ignite a great program that kids would want to come to. But through the words of the song, God reminded me that even though I wasn’t enough to accomplish these things, He was MORE THAN ENOUGH. And not only that, but His plans for the program are bigger and greater than what I had been thinking! What a relief and weight was lifted! Joy took the place of fear and helped me realize I was exactly where God wanted me!


It would be fun to tell you that everything at Ignite was perfect and smooth sailing from then on! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to say that. But week after week, I saw Jesus! Through the times of worship, the commitment of each adult and teen leader, what kids shared during small group discussion, and the scripture that impacted their lives – Jesus was in all of it and glorified! It is such a privilege to be involved in this group that has challeged my prayer life, and shown me the power of God through the hearts of his kids!