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Mother Passed Away

By May 17, 20204 Comments

My mother-in-law passed away suddenly May 15th at only 61 years old. She left 3 kids and 3 young grandkids behind. Please pray for the Schmidt family. We need comfort and strength to make it through.

Prayer requested by: Stephanie Schmidt

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  • jan carlson says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, comfort Stephanie and the entire Schmidt family at the loss of mother and grandmother. Please bring the comfort that only You can bring. Help them to find joy in the memories and love for one another as they go on together without this most beloved woman. Amen

  • Dawn Zeller says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Dear heavenly Father, please come and comfort the Schmidt family Lord. May they feel your presence Lord. Please help them during this time, may they be encouraged by knowing you are near and how much you love the. Amen

  • Lisa P says:

    Lord, please continue to comfort this hurting family as they learn to live each day with this loss. Help them to know your love and care in their minds and in their hearts. May they grow closer to each other and to YOU in this time.

  • Stephanie Mattson says:

    Lord, as the days and weeks and months pass since the initial loss, this family will continue to feel longing and grief. Please hold them, guide them, and help them find relief from their suffering. Bless them with peace, strength, and your light and love as they navigate their new normal. It’s in your name I lift this prayer.

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