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past memory buried in the heart

By July 5, 2020No Comments

I was sitting this morning with Father God and sense that he want me to lift this up to the community for help.

I have been on a journey for a quite a while to remember a memory in my past that is buried in my heart. I realize two things. I am fearful of a memory. This not remembering is keeping me from a deeper relationship with God and people. I want to see what God want me to see and not be living in the ashes from a memory. The enemy is using it to keep me from facing it and keeping me from truly being free.

I believe their is a God principle that if you want to break the power of something you expose it.

God has lead me to believe John 5:19 and John 15:5 that I can do nothing.

So, I believe this deep hurt can only be exposed by God. My prayer is that each of you take your authority in Christ to break off the bondage and that God would expose it supernaturally so that I remember it.

Prayer requested by: Tom Halkar

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