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Pray for Alpine Staff

By March 29, 20204 Comments

We most often forget about the selfless work that Alpine staff perform weekly. Pray for the forward facing leaders like Pastor Dave, Youth Pastor Stephen and Alex Hartmann for strength, courage, wisdom, boldness and hearing from the Spirit of God clearly to lead the body of Christ.

Pray for the servant hearts that are working behind the scene like Alex Gowler, Natalie Mudd, Josh Blick, Chris Brown, Donna Reimer, Erin McGinn, Kate Zwiefelhofer, Robin Blick, Kim Clements and Megan March that they would be encouraged to operate with confidence, peace and joy as they serve.

Pray for Alpine leadership, their family, people attending Alpine for protection, no fear, blessings, having their needs met, and encouragement by the grace of God that lives in the children of God. Most importantly that everyone would be inspire by the Holy Spirit to live by and speak uncommon faith.

The harvest is ripe and God wants to sent laborer across their path through Christ in you. Ask him to reveal it to you and walk in it. I like the thought of the Messiah living in me, which is the promise savior.

I hope this Blesses and encourages you!

Prayer requested by: Encourage Apline Staff and people attending Alpine Anonymous

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  • Brad says:

    Lord, I lift up the staff and leadership of Alpine Chapel. That you would guide them in your wisdom through this cultural movement. That you would guide Alpine Chapel into a beacon of HOPE in this community. That you would protect each and every staff member, elder, leader, and volunteer. In the name of Jesus, AMEN!

  • Roxanne says:

    Lord I pray for your protection and for all leaders and staff at Alpine. I pray that you would give them unlimited strength through your presence during these struggling times.

  • Dawn says:

    Father God, I come to you and with praise and adoration for who you are. A God of miracles, love, wisdom and tender mercies. I pray that you would guide all the pastors and staff and elders. May they be in step with your step, hear your voice and follow. I pray for protection to be on them and family. May they be in your presence and call on your name. Please bless them richly Lord.

  • cathy Shike says:

    Glorious Father, I lift up, unto your blessed spirit, the women and men of Alpine Chapel who are working relentlessly, behind the scenes, sharing your love, compassion and protection for the flock they shepherd. Protect them from any demonic spiritual attacks and guide them in your way and truth. Give them strength, patience, and an abundance of your healing spirit for them to rest in your word and stay healthy. Envelope them in your loving arms to seek your guidance, your word and your voice to lead them. Thank you for your presence in their lives – to you goes the glory, Father.

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