The REACH Pantry runs every Saturday morning year-round at Alpine Chapel and impacts over 100 families every week. Through partnerships with local grocery stores, REACH is able to bless families in our community with the resources they need to help them through any storms.

Ways To Get Involved


Volunteer workers are the lifeblood of REACH. Serving by picking up donated items, unloading and stocking food items, running the pantry or helping families when they come to shop on Saturdays are some ways to give of your time. We have people from all walks of life and ages that can serve as there are a variety of roles for grade school, junior high, high school, single, married, retired, & family participation. You will make friends and get to know others in our church and community as well as provide a great service to those in need.



We always need people to perform some of the management or lead tasks for REACH and we will show you everything you need to know. We also need bi-lingual persons available to write and translate English and Spanish and we could use some fun, simple craft projects and ideas to help keep the children busy on Saturdays while they wait for their parents to shop.



There is an on-going need for donated items or cash year-round. Cash donations purchase items to stock the pantry shelves. Examples of needed items you can donate are: boxed food items, peanut butter, jelly, juice boxes, bottled fruit juices and drinks (plastic is preferred to glass), canned items (i.e. meals/pastas, fruits, vegetables), frozen breakfast items and juices, refrigerated cheeses, yogurts, and eggs, snack items, body soap, shampoo, dish and laundry soap, baby food, baby supplies, and diapers, etc. Non-perishable items can be placed in the black REACH donation box that is located in the church entryway. To donate perishable items, please contact Sue McCabe.