Unseen Dangers • Alpine Chapel

The rage consumed him without warning. It seems it had always been that way. Even after he gave his life to Jesus this problem controlled him. But wasn’t he supposed to be a “new creation”?

Despite her regular attendance at church events and serving in the kids’ department, whenever she tried to be alone with God she just felt dead inside. She experienced no joy in worship. Prayer seemed like a total waste.

Many Christians wrestle with sins that block their attempts to become more like Jesus. For some, it’s an unmanageable lust that becomes unhealthy, self-focused sexual desire. Others are consumed by fantasy, addiction, gossip, greed, or pride.

Some play the Christian game but they know they’re only pretending. Others think they’re fine having “asked Jesus into their heart.” They don’t want to grow in Him. Far too many decide to just settle for a religion they think will keep them from experiencing judgment.

What’s going on?

Beneath the surface of each of our lives rages a massive battle we may not even be aware of. If any of the above issues sound familiar, you may need assistance to break free. Even if you’ve surrendered to Jesus, asked to be forgiven of all your sins, and have pledged to follow Him as Lord of your life, you still may find that activating your sincere desire is blocked. It could be that the enemy has somehow managed to maintain control of one or more areas of your life. Or that you have voluntarily surrendered some areas to him. You are not alone. Millions of others suffer as you do.

That’s how “unseen dangers” work. Just as the people on the Titanic were destroyed by an unseen danger when they thought they were completely safe, you have an unseen, malevolent force determined to destroy you and those you love. Hidden. Active. Deceptive. Evil. Powerful. Effective.

The good news? You can be set free! The bad news? You have to identify the problem and get the help God offers through Jesus.

He provided all the help I needed when I realized I could be released from several issues holding me back. I’ve been set free. And He can help you, too. Here’s how:


  • First, you need to want to change. Unless you are desperate, you will remain trapped.
  • Swallow your pride. Draw near to God and tell him your sin problems. Ask for help.
  • Resist the devil in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through His death and resurrection He defeated the enemy and the sin that so easily entangles us.
  • Put on the full armor of God (each piece fits you perfectly!); see Ephesians 6:10-20:
  • Embrace his Truth.
  • Commit to right living.
  • Relax in your peace with God.
  • Trust Him totally.
  • Celebrate your salvation.
  • Learn His Word and live by it.
  • Pray in full dependence on Jesus and in his Holy Spirit.


Finally, ask God regularly to fill you with His Holy Spirit and reproduce His character in you–things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control.

Make that your daily desire and practice and you’ll discover what a transformation it can make over time. You will be really amazed–and so will your family and friends!

By yourself, you’ll never escape the unseen danger–the spiritual war you’re ensnared in–until you realize it exists and that you need help. Then, you can become equipped to engage the enemy as a fully protected kingdom warrior…and win the battle, day after day!