Vicki Rowe // Hospitality • Alpine Chapel

I have been coming to Alpine for 26 years, in November. As you can imagine, I have seen many changes over the years. I truly feel that Alpine is the best, that it’s ever been, right now. I love the energy, the worship, and the heartfelt messages. I have served on just about every ministry. Some, I am on the 2nd time around. I had kind of got myself burnt out on serving, for a short bit, so I took a little break. That didn’t last very long before God started tugging on my heart, to get back involved.

You see, I was leaving right after the service was over with. I was losing connection with those that meant so much in my life. I decided to jump back on to the greeting and ushering team which I had done for several years in the past.

Dave had talked about the 8:00 prayer time, before the services each Sunday morning. I hadn’t even thought about doing it. When I joined the greeting team, they asked that we be there for the prayer time. The 1st time that I came, I walked around the sanctuary and prayed. It was pretty awesome. The next week I prayed as I parked my car. I prayed for those that would be walking down the sidewalk and into those doors. I prayed for those that would walk into the sanctuary. I walked around and touched every chair because the person that would be sitting there might need a little extra prayer that day. I prayed at the stage; for the music that would be played. Someone might need to hear a particular song that was coming from God. I prayed at the cross; that those that would look at it, would remember what Jesus did for them.

The next week, I prayed as I turned onto Old McHenry Rd.; that those that came down that road would have God’s peace. I prayed on Echo Lake Road, for surely a persons nerves could be getting the best of them if they hadn’t been in church in a while. I prayed turning into the parking lot, because the devil is good at telling us that we don’t belong in this place because of past mistakes. I prayed as they walked into the church building. That all that they were bringing in with them, might be left right there at the door. That they would be greeted with a smile or a hug, to let them know that they were welcomed and that they truly, “Belonged Here”.  I prayed as they entered into the lobby that they would feel a peace come over them. I prayed that they would take their kids downstairs and would know that they were in good, caring, and loving hands. I prayed as they walked through the sanctuary doors, that they wouldn’t feel intimidated by the many that were there. This can truly be a scary place for some, that are dealing with sin and shame. I wanted them to be comfortable in knowing that every person that was in there with them were also sinners and had shame.

I also prayed this time at the altar. I no longer saw it as a stage, but an altar. Many had come to this altar for forgiveness and prayer. At this altar, there were tears of hurt, pain, fear, but of great freedom and joy. I knelt and prayed for the songs of praise and surrender that would be sung. There is power in these songs and I prayed that they would hear and receive, what God wanted for them. I went to the cross. This time, I viewed Jesus’s body hanging on it. I prayed that those that just saw it as a piece of wood, nailed to the wall would see and feel what sacrifice was done by Jesus, for each and every person. I prayed for the message that was spoke. That it might be exactly what every person need to hear. I prayed that God would bless each one there, heal broken hurting hearts, heal sick bodies and just thanking him for this amazing opportunity to be here, with his people. I have so loved being a part of this prayer ministry and serving on the Sunday morning hospitality team. It has brought me closer to God and given me a completely different view of what goes into a Sunday morning. If your looking for a ministry to jump into that will change your life, this is truly one that is so rewarding. Lives are being changed and saved every time that we meet on a Sunday morning. Wouldn’t you love to know that one of those seeds planted, were yours?

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