What is God Saying to You? • Alpine Chapel

What is God saying to you? What are you doing about it? Those are two questions I learned to ask of myself a few years ago. At first I didn’t always know how to respond, but I’ve learned a lot since then – some interesting things I’d like to share.

IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT GOD IS SAYING TO YOU, IT’S BECAUSE YOU AREN’T LISTENING. Human beings communicate with each other through verbal dialog, body language, facial expressions, written words, and even grunts or groans. The Lord speaks to us many ways too. If I don’t know what He is saying to me, I need to turn my attention to Him. I can do that by talking to him (prayer), reading his Word and wisely-chosen books, talking to others who love Him, listening to messages and worshiping Him. But it is hard to find time to do all those things.

Dallas Willard said to be spiritually healthy, we need to “ruthlessly eliminate hurry” from our lives. I think he means we should focus on being fully present in each moment, sensitive to what the Holy Spirit might be telling us. Have you ever felt the urge to call someone or ask a tender question when someone was hurting? That might have been the Holy Spirit nudging you to take action on his behalf to minister to someone else. When I am rushing around checking one thing after another off my to-do list, I miss those nudges. How about you?

I’ve been asking God to reveal times when I become so absorbed in myself and in what I am doing that I forget that he is right there with me, and that we are on mission together. It is humbling to admit it, but I have a long way to go in this area. Over the past few years, the Lord has been faithfully revealing more and more himself to me as I learn to listen better to him. These days, if you ask me, I can usually tell you what God has been saying to me.

IF I BELIEVE GOD, I WILL DO AS HE SAYS. Priscilla Shirer uses an example of a chair. She says if you believe the chair will hold you, your belief is nothing more than hope until you actually sit down. You put your faith in the chair when you trust it with your action. If we really have faith in God then we will do what he says. Our enemy wants to fill our heads with fear, anxiety and excuses about why we can’t obey. He tempts us to trust in our experience, our feelings, and our own understanding. But the Lord says to place our trust in Him. Only he is truly trustworthy.

A very wise Jesus follower will look to God’s Word or the counsel of others to confirm God’s leading – especially if God is asking them to do something really big. The Lord will never ask you to do something that is contrary to scripture. Seek confirmation from praying friends who know God’s Word and are willing to prayerfully support you as you take that step.

So, I’m asking you today, right now. What is God saying to you? What are you doing about it? If you’re not sure, slow down, turn your eyes toward Him and ask Him to reveal himself. He will.