Renew is a community of women who study and walk in God’s Word together. Our vision is for women to grow deeper in their love for God and for others by beholding Him in His Word. Whether you are a seasoned believer or are just beginning your faith journey, we invite you to be transformed by Jesus through small group Bible study, prayer, and intentional relationships with a group of kind, authentic women.

Renew meets on Tuesday mornings from 9-11am and will launch our fall semester on September 11th. Registration is $25/semester, and childcare is provided.

Exploring 1st Samuel – If you’re ready to jump into a fascinating part of the Old Testament, we invite you to be part of Exploring 1st Samuel. Using basic questions and study skills, we will unpack this unique time in Israel’s history and meet some of the most iconic people in Scripture: David, Saul, Jonathan, Hannah, and more. The book of 1st Samuel tells the important story of Israel’s first kings, and as we study together, we will behold our true and ultimate king, Jesus. There is no video content and no formal workbook; just the Word of God, a group of sisters, and a basic guide. Participants will need a notebook or journal and a Bible (study Bibles recommended).

Seamless by Angie Smith – Whether you’ve grown up hearing Bible stories or you’re exploring Scripture for the first time, the full story of the Bible can be overwhelming. The 66 books may seem disconnected at first glance. In Seamless, author Angie Smith shows you how the whole Bible – from Genesis through Revelation – connects as one beautiful, seamless thread. Through independent study and video teachings, you will gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of God’s Word. Participants will need a Bible and a copy of the Seamless Bible study workbook, available from Alpine for $14.