Open Your Bible

Are you longing to hear from God and know who He really is? We invite you to encounter Him through the pages of His Word, as we walk through the 7 week study, Open Your Bible. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible reader or are brand new to Scripture, Open Your Bible will leave you with a greater appreciation for the Word of God, a deeper understanding of its authority, and tools to equip you as you hear from Him every day. After finishing the 7 week workbook, we will use our new skills and passion to explore the book of Titus. This “practice round” of a small portion of Scripture will increase your confidence in verse-by-verse study and prepare you to engage God’s Word in a rich new way. You will not regret opening your Bible with us this fall! Participants will need a workbook ($17), journal, and a bible (study bibles are encouraged, but not necessary).

Exploring John

If you are ready for an adventure in discovering Jesus, we invite you to be part of Exploring John. Over 11 weeks, we will unpack the Gospel of John, using basic questions and study skills to listen as God speaks directly to our lives. The book of John is a beautiful account of Jesus’ life and teachings, and as we study together, you will see His grace and truth in profound ways. There is no video content and no formal workbook; just the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, a group of sisters, and a basic guide. If you are hungry for Scripture unguided by a topical theme, join us for Exploring John! Participants will need a journal.and a Bible (study bibles are encouraged, but not necessary).